Social Networks
Kontacts is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and soon with more social networks. Now you will have all your contacts information in one place.

See the latest social networks posts from your contacts, update your address book with their photos and information from Facebook profiles, send them Twitter messages or post to their Facebook walls.
Interact With Groups
You can easily create groups by dragging and dropping contacts. Then you can send emails or text messages to all of them with just one tap.

Grouped contacts are also great to organize your address book and separate your personal friends from your job friends, for example.
Quick Actions
Quick actions is a great feature that allows you to interact with your contacts in different ways, just doing a slide gesture with your finger.

Sending an email, a twitter message, posting to a friend's wall in Facebook, sending a text message or even making a call has never been so easy.
Backup And Share
Nothing is worse than losing your contacts when you lose your iPhone, for instance. With Kontacts you can backup your address book and keep a copy of it in your email or inside the app.

You can also share your contacts with someone else by email or just getting your device close to another iPhone with Kontacts installed and share by Bluetooth connection.